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Tootal Fabrics

Tootal Fabrics (Holland) B.V. has been a global player in the textile trade for more than 45 years. We believe in the key competence of Tootal Fabrics;  A great and extensive shirt/blouse fabric collection combined with the best stock service in the market. An easy ordering system and very efficient logistics, guarantees fast  worldwide deliveries. Thanks to excellent strategic partnerships with leading state of the art textile mills, our in-house Italian and in the Netherlands based design studio and product development providing quality fabrics, enable us to offer our clients the service they require. That is our recipe for continued success for all fabrics.

Tootal Fabrics

Totaal Fabrics: Our complete cotton collection is 100% natural cotton of a high and consistent quality.

cotton – polyester – cotton shirts – single yards – stretch design – synthetic fibres – anti-static